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Leading the Southern African market in...


National Asphalt is a member of the Raubex group who have been operating since 1974 and listed on the JSE Limited in March 2007. Raubex is firmly entrenched as a leader in road construction, rehabilitation and associated infrastructure developments across southern Africa.

National Asphalt commenced its operations during the latter part of 1988 from premises alongside Sterkspruit Crushers in Cliffdale, approximately 30 km from central Durban.

Whilst operations have grown exponentially in the last few years, the company head office is still situated at these premises. Over the years the company has operated throughout South Africa as well as Lesotho, specialising in the manufacture and laying of all types of asphalt.



Hot Mix Asphalt

Sidewalks, Domestic Driveways & pathways

Warm Mix Asphalt

All standard and modified mix types can be manufactured at 20 TO 30°C lower that standard HMA mix temperatures

High Modules Asphalt

Hard Pen Grade Bitumen for rut and fatigue resistance.



The Company has experienced rapid growth and now operates asphalt plants in permanent locations in six centres, which are augmented by a further six “self erecting” 100 ton per hour mobile plants. These state of the art mobile units are used to service contacts and clients in the more “remote regions”.  In line with the company’s vision, National Asphalt operates on a decentralised basis and strives to create opportunities for individuals to develop and perform to their full potential. The Company is not geographically constrained and can operate wherever sustainable work is available or justifies the placement of a plant.

Latest News

National Asphalt has captured the attention in the KwaZulu-Natal asphalt market with further improvements to their Durban (Cliffdale) based plant yet again.
In September 2010 full-scale high modulus asphalt (HiMA) trials – the first to be conducted in South Africa following the Sabita sponsored research to develop locally appropriate HiMA specifications – began on a section of the heavily trafficked old South Coast Road near Durban’s harbour.


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